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If you want to do data better, add an actuary to your team. Actuaries bring acumen, innovation, ethics, and rigour to help you achieve maximum impact from your every data strategy.


Actuaries bring a uniquely rigorous educational experience combined with continued professional development to apply the data science tools and techniques needed to extract maximum value from data, while managing risk.


Actuaries don’t just model data, they make a difference with it. In a big data world, you have to sweat the small details, balancing data science and AI with ethics to facilitate fairness, eliminate bias, and use data for good.


More data only means more in the right hands. Actuaries are trained to bridge the gap between business problems and the technical solution. It’s a triumph of impact over the abstract, in the knowledge that conceptual perfection means nothing if it can’t be actioned in the real world.


Australia’s Actuaries have been at the forefront of data innovation for 125 years, and they exist at the very heart of every kind of organisation – from start-ups to scale-ups, to established innovators across our economy. With an actuary in your team, you’ll deploy data to reimagine your organisation, industry and potentially the economy at large.

The actuarial advantage in data science

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