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With over 3,700 actuaries in Australia, the community is a strong one, which connects with each other and industry to share the latest thinking and insights around key community issues.


Connect with an actuary

Looking for expertise for your data journey?

The Actuaries Institute can connect you with the right actuaries who could help you in your industry and with your set of issues.

You can contact us directly through the Actuaries Institute Engagement Manager, Kelly Holcroft, at kelly.holcroft@actuaries.asn.au with your request.


Connect through local and global events

The Actuaries Institute hosts key annual events that empower delegates with best practice, innovative market knowledge, updates on local and global trends and other key industry issues.

The Data Science Seminar is held in November each year. This year’s event debates a wider view of data: regulation and professionalism, careers and education, and the philosophy and practice of data ethics.

The International Congress of Actuaries 2023 brings together the world’s brightest actuarial minds and employers of actuarial services across five days to learn, share, network and solve the biggest global issues. This event will be held in Sydney from 28 May-1 June 2023.

For all major upcoming events across the future of health, injury and disability, and data science, amongst others, check our calendar.


Connect with our Data Science Practice

The Actuaries Institute’s Data Science Practice Committee is committed to creating sustainable and successful data analytics career paths for all members and to the benefit of the wider community.

As significant contributors to data science, this community comes together to create debate and thought leadership around the largest trends and to bring together best practice methodologies and analysis.

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