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What to look for in a data leader

An expert leader of your data division could have travelled many routes and we’d never say that every CDO, CAO or Head of Analytics must be an actuary.

But foundations are important, and they can make the difference between a leader who manages and a strategist who inspires true revolution in the way data, analytics and AI are deployed across your organisation. 

The actuarial education delivers a unique combination of rigour, ethics, acumen and innovation that establishes the perfect foundations for an exceptional data-driven leader focused not just on the data, and technology, but what it means for financial performance, operational efficiency, sustainability, product and service excellence and customer satisfaction.

The actuarial professional, technical and problem-solving toolkit is second to none. There is no sounder foundation in the commercial and ethical capabilities any organisation needs to do data better. Actuaries are the experts in delivering impact with responsibility.


How an actuarial consultancy can add value to your business

The best data science consultancies embrace actuaries as a crucial component of their talent mix to drive true excellence for their clients.

Smart companies choose consultancies that offer the unique mix of rigour, ethics, acumen and innovation brought by consultancy teams with actuaries at the centre of their talent mix.


How adding an actuary can enhance your team

Adding an actuary to your team will help you Do Data Better in a myriad of ways.

The best data teams leverage diversity of perspective to the fullest possible extent.

It’s the unique combination of rigour, ethics, acumen and innovation that position actuaries to make a telling contribution to any data science team.

Actuaries are trained to extract the killer insight for real-world deployment. And they do so, always, with an eye on the bigger picture.

In a world that’s rarely been more risky, you need an actuary by your side.

To de-risk your next hiring decision, add an actuary to your team!