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Do customer experience better

See how Justin Tam, Data Analyst at Canva, does customer experience better as an actuary.

When your customers share their data, they expect you to harness it to make their lives better.

That means better products, better services and better experiences, all tailored to their personal needs.

It means more of what they want, exactly when they want it and less of what they don’t. And if that’s not their experience, they’ll disengage or unsubscribe.

With an actuary in your team, you’ll do customer experience better, combining a granular understanding of customer needs and behaviours with predictive and prescriptive analytics and commercial intelligence.

It’s a powerful blend that harnesses the powerful potential of data for the benefit of customers and companies alike.



Do automation better

Listen to our conversation with Jon Shen, Data Analytics Leader, to see how actuaries can help you do automation better.

In the intelligent application of data lies the potential to make faster more accurate decisions, at scale.

And as advancements in technology, smart-networking and IoT converge, the opportunity for automation has never been greater.

This means faster, leaner, more customer-focused supply chains. It offers the potential to create more from less at a time when commercial efficiency and care for our environment have never been more important.

But when deploying AI, you need true human intelligence to maximise value and minimise the risk of unintended consequences.



Do decision insight better

Discover how Ada Tong, Product Director – Domain Insight, does decision insight better as an actuary.

Intuition is always important, but data-driven insight and automation is helping Australia’s smartest companies transform accuracy in their most important decisions.

Since the beginning of trade, customers have been rewarded for being valuable, loyal, easy to serve or lower risk.

But with the industrialisation of commerce, assessing individual customer value and risk became increasingly challenging.

Enter the data age when every consumer, business or asset can be understood and valued through data with a high degree of accuracy.

Actuaries have pioneered customer- and asset-specific pricing and valuation strategies for more than 20 years, innovating rigorous end-to-end valuation, risk assessment and governance processes in insurance before moving into new markets, such as banking, property retail, consumer goods, and energy.

With an actuary in your team, you’ll do pricing and valuation better – surfacing actionable decision insight with less risk while working with a professional who is obliged by professional standards to consider the community impacts.



Do innovation better

Find out how Robbie Baskin utilised his actuarial training to co-found Australia’s first deposit booster, FrontYa.

Australia’s smartest innovators are deploying data to reimagine every corner of our economy at the heart of Australia’s most entrepreneurial businesses.

Whether it’s a start-up, scale-up or in established innovators like Atlassian and Canva, actuaries are making their mark.

Actuarial training is grounded in innovation techniques aligned to human-centred design and agile development.

Every actuary is trained to first clearly conceive the business challenge and then truly understand both category and customer. Next, they prototype a concept, test and learn, measure impact, adjust and repeat until full value is realised.

With an actuary in your team, you’ll do innovation better, reimagining ways of working, creating new categories and collapsing the status quo.



Do ESG better

Hear from Ramona Meyricke, Director at Taylor Fry, on how you can do ESG better with an actuary.

Innovation with data promises to enhance governance and solve many of the world’s great social and environmental challenges.

Whether driving efficiency, managing down risk or helping organisations better focus on their customers’ needs, data will be transformational.

Australia’s actuaries have been focused on ESG since 1897 with a professional obligation to serve the public good.

Ensuring that insurance and pensions provide, assessing climate risks or enhancing supply chain efficiency, with an actuary in your team, you’ll do ESG better.